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Wings of Gold is published quarterly by the Association of Naval Aviation. Dedicated to the support of U.S. Naval Aviation, ANA is an influential force shaping the future of our nation’s maritime aviation posture. The Association does no lobbying; nevertheless, it has played decisive roles in affecting congressional legislation in behalf of Naval Aviation. As ANA’s official voice, Wings of Gold covers defense issues of vital importance to Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard aviation. Focus is on the development and deployment of aircraft carriers, sea, land and carrier based aircraft, anti-submarine, electronic, surface and air-to-air warfare, and manpower issues. Content includes superb aviation photography, contemporary and historical articles about maritime aviation, contributions from fleet units, reports from regional chapters of the Association, opinion and letters, and book reviews.

Wings of Gold is a prestigious publication with an excellent reputation in the aviation field.

Wings of Gold is mailed to the 6,000+ members of the ANA, NROTC units, and its subscribers. Additional copies are distributed to members of Congress and to key offices in the DOD – SecNavy, CNO, Air Warfare (N-88), USMC Headquarters, Naval Air Systems Command, and corporate sponsors. Distribution includes Navy air wings, air stations, wardrooms, squadrons, all air-capable ships, and cognizant staffs throughout the Naval Aviation establishment. While the number of copies printed, we estimate readership of Wings of Gold at approximately 20,000.

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